3DO Graphics Programmer's Guide

This 3DO Graphics Programmer's Guide describes the graphics engine that makes up the Graphics folio. It includes overview chapters, programming tutorials, sample code, and graphics procedure call definitions. The overview chapters help you understand the concepts behind the procedure calls, the programming chapters show you how to use the procedures.

This guide includes the following topics:

Understanding 3DO Graphics-Introduces you to 3DO's graphics hardware and the processes that take place there. It also provides a review of NTSC display basics.

Understanding the Display Generator -Describes the inner workings of the 3DO graphics system's display generator.

Understanding the Cel Engine and SPORT -Describes the 3DO cel engine and SPORT bus. It also provides a look at the full path of VH values as they travel from cel source data to the interpolator.

Using the Display Generator -Describes the techniques that fill the 3DO frame buffer and control the display generator.

Using the Cel Engine -Describes the techniques the cel engine uses to generate and project cels.

Tips and Techniques - Provides a question and answer section of common problems encountered when using the Graphics folio.