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News Page Updated 1999.11.29
Status Page Updated 1999.11.16
New E-Mail: open@flatearthmultimedia.com

This is the official site of the the 3DOpen emulation project. The primary purpose, as one can probably surmise, is to develop a software-only emulator for the 3DO console video game system. Secondary to this goal is to develop a single warehouse of as much 3DO related technical information as possible, and to make this warehouse freely accessible via the Internet.

The 3DO "multiplayer" has yet to be publicly emulated (to my knowledge). While many different people have claimed many different reasons - including impossibility - the real reason seems to be a lack of technical information.

In truth, the 3DO is not a terribly complex piece of hardware - certainly no more so than some other consoles of its class that have already been emulated. Additionally, this project starts with a fully-functional ARM cpu emulator (see status for more info) which will not only provide the basis for the final emulator, but will serve as an invaluable investigative tool into the workings of the system.

Naturally, the goal is to emulate a 3DO sufficiently that any available 3DO software product can be played successfully. The current target is an x86 PC, most likely with some type of 3D accelorator, and either Windows or Linux.

Contributions are welcome. Detractors are not. And everyone should be sure to read the disclaimer page before going any further.

The 3DOpen project is run by Invictus / send e-mail to open@flatearthmultimedia.com. This is an independant project, and is in no way affiliated with Flat Earth MultiMedia Studios, 3DO Inc. / Studio 3DO, or any other entity.